Journaling, blogging and traveling — with a new solution

On my blogs, I like to share some of what we’ve seen and done while we are traveling. I always seem to get behind and come up short with what I had planned hoped to do.

The same thing goes with my photos, but then, perhaps, that’s part of the problem. I’m doing fairly well this time with the photos. I have 3 1/2 days worth of images to go through. Unfortunately, I’ve not finished with going through the photos from several prior trips.

I have a new solution that I think will work rather well.

Instead of trying to keep up with blogging while we are traveling, I will be journaling and photographing as we go. The journal will be a pocket-sized moleskine notebook, where I will keep both brief notes as well as extended entries. These, along with photographs, will be used to develop blog posts with “Commentary and images from the road.”

I started doing some of that this time, which is what enabled me to finish the trip with most of the images processed. I will pick back up with the travel journal blogs from September 5th.

I am publishing all posts specifically related to our travels on two blogs, Exit78 and Haw Creek Out ‘n About. Apart from our travels, these two blogs otherwise have different focuses.

Some of the days of our trip warrant more than one blog post. I will be mixing mostly topical posts with mostly pictorial.

We got back home on Friday and Karen headed out today for a week in Wisconsin where she will be taking care of the grandkids while our daughter goes to New York City with her husband on a business trip.

I get to stay home and go to work.


This post is being simultaneously published on Exit78 and Haw Creek Out ‘n About

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