Staying at a Campground – without RV or tent

More and more campgrounds are offering accommodations besides RV sites or tent pads, according to and article in the Wall Street Journal: Camping, With Convenience.

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Instead of pitching a tent or roaming the great outdoors in a recreational vehicle, travelers increasingly are interested in staying in plusher accommodations in campgrounds—we are talking private bathrooms, kitchens, air conditioning and even flat-screen television sets.

Rental units—sometimes small cabins and sometimes prefabricated transportable units made to look like small cabins—are gaining traction with travelers and campground owners across the U.S.

"They do extremely well," says John Croce, a managing member of a collective that owns and operates nine campgrounds in the western U.S. At Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Family Lodging in Groveland, Calif., his group has installed about six new rental units every year for the past several years.

Read the full Wall Street Journal article: Camping, With Convenience


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