September 11th – Fifteen Years

I realized a few days ago that the 15th year anniversary of the September 11th attacks was approaching and started looking at – and saving – images from then that are in the public domain.  I initially had no plan on what to do with them until yesterday, when I decided to do a short video.

Much has happened in the years since the planes flew into the World Trade Center.  The world seems far different, with terror attacks occurring all too frequently around the world, terror attacks that gain little or nothing for those who plot and plan them.

The first several images are from several years to a month before the attack.  They simply show New York City with the twin towers still standing.

The music track used is “September 11, 2001 – Theme from the Last Castle” by Jerry Goldsmith.  According to YouTube, videos using this track are viewable everywhere except Germany.

Image used in this video are public domain, accessed from the Library of Congress or the U.S. National Archives.  Images are viewable in a Flickr album at

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