Old Geronimo Catcher

Old Geronimo Catcher

“The Indian in his mode of warfare is more than the equal of the white man, and it would be practically impossible with white soldiers to subdue the Chiricahuas in their own haunts… In fighting them we must of necessity be the pursuers, and unless surprised by sudden and unexpected attack, the advantages are all in their favor… The first great difficulty to be met is to locate them, and this must be done by Indian scouts…” – General George Crook1

Titled Old Geronimo Catcher,  the subject in this c1904 photograph by Edward S. Curtis is likely one of the Apache scouts who participated in the hunt and capture of Geronimo. (Library of Congress image)

1  The Indian Scouts, With Special Attention to the: Evolution, Use, and Effectiveness of the Apache Indian Scouts by Dan L. Thrapp

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Old Geronimo Catcher

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