New Site Map

imageAfter merging the two old blogs at the old Haw Creek site and setting a 301 redirect from all to old post to the new location on Haw Creek, I ended up with a list of links to the old blog posts in reverse  chronological order (newest at the top).  I’ve just finished sorting the links my location or topic.

So what’s the purpose or benefit of this?  For me, it gives me a better handle on what posts I have.  I can now use this as a reference for future site, page, or post development.  I just need to remember to add new links for material newly developed.

This site map is actually a blog post map will be accessed from a link from the top site map.

Update – April 6, 8:13 AM – the new site map has already been beneficial.  It took me less than a minute to find a post on a place in Arizona that I wanted to share in a comment on another blog.

site map


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