Gus gives some Tips on Trailers

By MARTIN BUNN (Popular Science, December 1936)


THAT’S one fad that won’t last long!” Nate Pendleton remarked derisively, as his eyes followed a trim, streamline motor trailer skimming smoothly down the road behind a smart new sedan.

Gus Wilson, half owner of the Model Garage, hung up the gas hose and replaced the filler cap on Pendleton’s car. He smiled slowly. “Maybe so, Nate, maybe so,” he observed, watching the trailer outfit disappear around a bend in the road. “But you’ve got to remember that it’s a fad that has been popular, in one form or another, for a long time now. If it weren’t for the fact that lots of our ancestors had a mighty strong urge to go places and do things, we wouldn’t be here today. Touring in an automobile is just a modem form of that instinct, I guess.”front yard.”  (Read entire article here)

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