Destinations, A Wild Ride and Johnny Reb.

While reviewing blogs posts for Destinations, a collection on Haw Creek of descriptions, reviews and photo or video tours of interesting places, primarily in the United States, I came across a couple of interesting videos.

Jason and Nikki Wynn of Gone with the Wynns are, in their own words, a “quirky couple who traded in everyday life to satisfy their wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure.”

In Virginia City, Nevada, Nikki took a ride with Gary Teel.

The Wynn’s post on Yuma Territorial Prison triggered a memory of a television show from my childhood.  The Yuma prison was featured or mentioned in many books, movies and TV shows over the years, but the show I remembered was about a person, Johnny Yuma, The Rebel, not the prison.This episode, from 1959, was the series première.

For me, as a seven-year-old, the show was a shoot-em-up western with a twist.  I knew about the civil war, I suppose, but didn’t really appreciate the context in this show .  Now, at sixty-two, with considerable reading on the impact of our civil war, I have a deeper appreciation of the time the show is set in  and the background of the character.

It was interesting to see Dan Blocker in a more sinister role than that of  “Hoss” Cartwright.

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