Continued Progress. “New” page for Fifth Wheel RVs

The new page for Fifth Wheel RVs is finished and published, with applicable links being redirected to it.  The page explains fifth wheel campers and has links to 5th wheel manufacturers with listing of current models.

The explanation of fifth wheel campers includes the following (and more).

5th wheel hitch-smallIn RV applications, a fifth wheel hitch, mounted in the truck bed, is used to connect the truck and trailer.  Featuring a heavy duty pivoted plate with a guide slot and locking mechanism, the hitch is pinned in place to a set of rails anchored to the frame of the truck.  By pulling the anchoring pins, the hitch can be removed, leaving the bed available for maximum cargo capacity.

kingpinA downward facing plate on the fifth wheel camper has a large vertical pin called a kingpin, which slides into the guide slot on the lower plate and is locked into place by the 5th wheel hitch jaws.

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