Anchorage RV firm earns an F from the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is warning about an Anchorage RV rental business.

According to the BBB, B&B RV Rental on the Old Seward Highway near Midtown has racked up numerous complaints over the past few years, all pointing to a troubling pattern of leaving customers with nothing to show for their money.

“Since July 2008, the Better Business Bureau has received over 300 inquiries and 12 complaints about B&B RV Rental,” said BBB spokesperson Tara Sims.

But it’s not the number of complaints that has the Bureau sounding the alarm.

“The key is that the complaints show a pattern of the same type of issues occurring over and over again,” Sims said.

Sims says the problems start when customers first arrive at B&B to pick up an RV.

See the KTUU video for more information and/or read the KTUU article: Anchorage RV rental firm doesn’t make the grade with BBB.

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