Aloha Travel Trailer

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Aloha Trailer Company (Tin Can Tourists Wiki)

The company was originally started in Aloha Oregon in 1954 (hence the name), Glen Gordon bought the company on July 6, 1959 when he was still in his 20’s with a business partner and they expanded the business and moved it to Beaverton near 142nd Ave. They sold the company in 1969 to a company called Woodtech for ‘several million dollars’ because of changes in automobiles and the economy travel trailers were falling out of favor.

Although they were most well known for their travel trailers they also manufactured a variety of truck campers, and made a few custom motor homes by attaching their trailers to Chevy frames and even a few house barges by attaching their trailer frames onto barges (how cool would that be?) …. read more at Tin Can Tourists Wiki

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