A Super Nice Laundromat

Note: This “lost” Haw Creek Out ‘n About post was recovered from the Internet Archive WayBack Machine.

We were not able to wash clothes at the Paradise Lake Camping Resort (see review) since the laundry there was out of service and looked like it had been for a long time, so we looked for a laundromat when we went into Oak Grove for some groceries. After not finding one on the highway, we decided to try a couple of side streets. On Salem Street, we discovered Salem Suds and Storage and it was a pleasant surprise.

Don’t try to find them on the internet, yet. They’re not there.


Over the years, we have done quite a bit of traveling and have had to search for place to wash the clothes. We have never come across a self service clothes washing establishment that was as clean and well maintained as this one.

The place was well stocked with magazines and even had a supply of complimentary snacks, with a sign admonishing, “One per person Please,” though “cupcakes, chips, and candy treats” along with “cold soda and water” were available for 75 cents from the “attendant.” Another sign identified the “soda flavors available.”

Another colorful sign listed other items available, with prices, such as hangers, laundry bags, pop, soap, bleach, Bounce, Avon, and said that snacks, coffee, and hot tea were complimentary (ask attendant for hot tea). Many of the decorations on the walls were also for sale.

They also have a drop-off laudry service where the attendant does the wash for you.

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2007-01017a 2007-01018

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Laundromat or Washateria?

Having lived in both Nebraska and Texas before I “left home,” I’m never sure which is the right word to use – I’m also usually unsure how it’s spelled, so:

From Wikipedia:

A laundromat (U.S.), launderette (British) or washateria (Southwestern U.S.) is a store where clothes are washed and dried. This is often done by coin operated machines that are worked by the client. Other laundromats may have staff to wash the clothing. Laundries are equipped with both washing machines and dryers, usually specialized ones designed to survive heavy use.

Didn’t do a good job on keeping up with the travel journal on our last trip, so I’m posting items that should have been in it as I get around to it. They’ll not be in chronological order.

Note: This “lost” Haw Creek Out ‘n About post was recovered from the Internet Archive WayBack Machine.

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